Hate the sin not the sinner

“Always hate what is wrong, but do not hate the one who errs. Hate sin with all your heart, but forgive and have mercy on the sinner. 
Criticize speech, but respect the speaker. Our job is to wipe out the disease, not the patient.”
– Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)

I love the feeling…

♡I love the feeling when I’m at the beach,the sound of the waves,the smell of the salt in the air,the texture of the sand on my toes,I love everything about the seaside and it relaxes all my senses and no matter how many problems I have,they all seem so small infront of the the big blue ocean…

♡I love the feeling when I sit on my musallah (prayer mat) and speak to Allah and pour my heart out and cry and I feel as though a burden has been lifted from my shoulders…

♡I love the feeling when I gave at the countless stars in the night sky and I’m left speechless and in awe of Allah’s creation…

♡I love the the smell of freshly cut grass and the beautiful scent of roses,they remind me of happy times and picnics…

♡I love the feeling when my husband looks deep in my eyes and tells me how much he loves me…

♡I love the feeling I get when I sit in the sun,how it warms up my entire body and has such a great impact on my mood…

♡I love the feeling when I help someone in need and the gratefulness I see in their eyes…

♡I love the feeling when a child holds my hand and innocently says “don’t be sad,I love u”

♡I love the feeling when I see family and friends after a long time…

♡I love the feeling when my husband comes home and hugs me tight…


To be kind is so rare these days…

Everyone has a tit for tat mentality,why can’t we be kind without expecting something in return…

To have a soft heart is something that is looked down upon…

To be emotional and to cry are things ppl are ashamed of…i wonder why

I’m an emotional person and I’m proud of who I am because when I love i love truly with every single part of me and when I hurt I hurt with my heart…

I try to  think good of the people that hurt me tons of times because I believe people can change because everyone deserves a 2nd chance in life…

Even the worst of people because no one is perfect…
No1…but we all are trying

So I am a soft hearted person who crys at the smallest of things…but that’s only because I care deeply and love truly♥

So let’s start today, do a random act of kindness…

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below…

Have a super duper day🌹

 Oh Heartless soul,Let me be!

The pain is stabbing me through the depths of my soul,

Oh!why did you have to be so heartless,cruel and cold?

I gave you my love and my time,I gave you the love you craved…

But little did I know that you were trapping me and I wasn’t gonna get saved…

My heart shattered and broke in two,

And I so innocently dotted over you without the slightest clue!

You made me cry,

Every single time you told a filthy lie…

I gave you my entire heart

I always taught I was your sweetheart 

I forgive you and set you free

Now,Let me be…

Let me be!!!


Why do we look down on people?why do we judge others…

In this cruel world,why do we make ourselves be people that allow ourselves to be filled  with hate….?

Why do we hold grudges for years on end,without looking eye to eye with someone that was once our be all and end all?

Why can’t we be the better person and ask for forgiveness?


Don’t we want Allah to forgive our sins?

Don’t we want to be the more better person In the eyes of our creator?

We are so quick to pick on the faults of our fellow brothers and sisters yet we are full of flaws…

We need to focus more on our own wrongdoings before running other people down…

Allah is their to judge us,we are all mere servants that should help each other in a good and kind way without hurting anyone’s feelings,without stabbing the hearts of people with our sharp tongues…

Remember in this world where there are so many people out their to hurt others,don’t you want to be one of the special few that are good to people despite their colour,race or religion?

Something for us to reflect on^^^


So when we think of cleaning we just get put off because it’s something that’s not so fun and exciting,but you can make it really fun to to do by making your own DIY’s…
Here are some DIY’s for kitchen cleaning that really worked for me~

♡surface cleaner
•equal parts water and vinegar with any essential oil,Spray and wipe with a dry cloth.
Do this atleast once a week.

♡microwave cleaner
•Fill a bowl of water and add sliced lemons,put this in your microwave and switch it on for about 7minutes,this will clean out all the dirt and leave your microwave smelling good,thereafter wipe the inside of your microwave with a cloth and all the dirt will easily come out.

♡Dishwasher Cleaner
•put a large mug of vinegar in your dishwasher and let it run as you normally do,then wipe it with a damp cloth.

♡Stovetop cleaner
•Sprinkle some baking soda/bicarbonate soda over your stovetop,the soak a cloth in boiling water a dishwashing soap,put this over the baking soda and leave to rest for 15mins,then wipe with a damp cloth.

•Leave your sponges in a bowl o boiling water and all the dirt will come out the put some dishwashing liquid and rinse.

♡sink cleaner
•Mix baking soda/bicarbonate soda with little essential oil of your choice,pour it in your sink and then put some dishwashing liquid and give it a good scrub.
Try and do this every night!

♡Clean your coffee maker
•Run your machine with equal parts of water and vinegar,halfway through switch off the machine and leave it for about an hour,then finish off the cycle.

♡Remove burnt food from pots and pans
•sprinkle some baking soda/bicarbonate soda over the burnt areas and add some boiling water,leave it overnight and scrub it off in the morning.

♡Refrigerator deodorant
•Slice half a lemon and leave it in your refrigerator for a fresh and clean scent.



Stuck in a rut?Feeling un motivated?feeling lazy?

Sometimes we feel down and just don’t feel positivity or inspiration …its okay,we all have those days!

But we have to get our act together,here are some ways to get rid of negative vibes and create a positive outlook on life~

Get up earlier than usual,set your alarm for 20mins earlier and put your phone away from you.

Do something you love early in the morning to set your mood

Get organised

Clean up your space that you are in because your environment has a huge impact on the way you feel as a person as well as the energy you give off to the world.

Have a diary and write down what you have to do ,your priorities for the day,your grocery list etc

Working out makes you feel good about your self not only physically but mentally also because it’s a challenge.

Start small,walk around your neighborhood,skip everyday and build on from there.

Have daily goals,weekly goals,monthly goals and yearly goals.Once you’ve made your goals you need to remind yourself about your goals.

Speak positively to your self,it works

Take out time daily for yourself,do what makes you happy,it could be anything..read a book, do a face mask,have a bubble bath

Accomplish something small,start with easy thing and then move onto something else

Yes,you saw right!

Take out time to relax,whether it is as simple as just sitting for 15mins in the sun everyday or taking a walk in the park.

Introducing Daily Dose Of Craziness

Hey there beautiful people♡

So I am a young married muslim girl…
I started this blog because I am passionate about writing as well as  about different people,this blog will be about anything and everything from food to travels to hairstyles to emotional stories.

In this beautiful life of ours we spend so much time stressing and being upset,I want to try and enjoy my life to the fullest and be positive on whatever life has to offer me….

Please feel free to comment as well as suggest any ideas you have 

My goal is to be a happier person and live a life with crazy as a major part of it.I want to lead a happy stress free life and one filled with positive vibes.

So until next time…

Be happy and remain the amazing person that you are….

And hey…..

Be the bestest version of yourself💚